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Team Painting

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Friendly Visits


Guided Play

GUIDED horse play

"Interaction with our beautiful, friendly, rescue horses is often one of the most positive and memorable experiences of time spent at Ronora." --Hunter Leggitt


Ronora offers guided horse play inspired by the EAGALA method of providing a safe, emotionally-fulfilling connection between our animals and you. This activity is held on the grounds.  Group sessions for ages 7+ last about an hour.  Individual sessions vary.


Enhance any stay at Ronora with guided horse play!  Activities designed in consultation with you can help you reach personal goals, or amplify the goals of your retreat.  Leading, grooming and painting the horses can promote team building, mindfulness, and strengthen bonds among group members.  Plus, it provides a relaxing, fun, break.  And yes, the horses love it, too!


Participants engage in activities with the horses on the ground; trained facilitators guide the learning process, focusing on trust and team work.


Facilitators help participants examine patterns that emerge from the horses responses. Activity outcomes can carry back to the workplace and daily life in new awareness of, and change in, productive behaviors. 

Guided horse play provided by Dr. Hunter Leggitt, PsyD, and Matthew Coleman, both trained in the theory and practice of The EAGALA Model.  


Horseback riding is not offered at Ronora at this time.  

Contact us to learn more or schedule your own activity

Guided play
Horse painting
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