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The beauty of this place changed me. -- Zenobia Finney

Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center
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Bookings Calendar, Useful Documents, and Frequently Asked Questions




Our availability calendar and booking information can be found on this page. Any date that is blank has at least one lodge open and available. Enter the number of nights you want, how many people will be staying, click on your preferred date of arrival, and then click "Next" to find out which lodges are available for the date you choose.

Meal Packages are only valid for groups over 30 people (2 night minimum, or 1 night for 60 people).

Discounts are shown for last minute bookings. The following weekends are commonly given 10% or better discounts: the month of April, Easter, Mother's Day, and Halloween. Discounts are commonly offered 3 months or less before the booking date. All pricing is subject to availability and preference given to large returning groups. For large groups requesting a specific weekend, book at least 1 year in advance.

The camp is annually closed to large groups from sometime before Thanksgiving through sometime in early-mid April. Throughout winter, there are a couple small family-sized lodges available, usually the Casa de Luz and Plant House.

If you're a large group with meals, want exclusive use, or planning a destination wedding, contact us directly to discuss availability. We can be contacted via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us directly at 269-463-6315. 


Please note that availability on this calendar or lack thereof does not guarantee the accuracy of this page. Availability is subject to change without notice unless your reservation has been confirmed with deposit. Your deposit, completed Contract, and User Agreement confirms your reservation when we receive them. Deposits for individuals and small groups is generally 50% of your rental. Waivers are required for everyone on the property.

Useful Documents

For any booking, please read, complete, and send in advance the following documents:

* Contract: send an inquiry using the calendar widget above, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call: 269-463-6315
* User Agreement: leader signs
* Waiver Forms: everyone must sign for admittance


Additional documents:

* General and Safety Regulations
* Grounds Map
* Trails Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Questions

Q: How do I make a booking? 

  1. Take a look at our website or arrange a tour. Small groups or groups making their own meals can check out the Lodging page. It includes pricing per lodge per night (prices vary for each lodge). Large groups with meal plans, check out the Rates page with descriptions of our meals and meal plan pricing.
  2. Send an inquiry or call. Small groups can send an inquiry through the Booking widget (see the calendar above). Or you can contact us via phone or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out what dates are available: 269-463-6315. Remember to provide: your name, group name (if any), phone, email, and mailing address.
  3. Send deposit and forms. After the inquiry is received and terms agreed, we'll send you a Contract. Please sign and date the Contract, and return to us with the Deposit payment (check or PayPal preferred) and the completed User Agreement. Our receipt of these three items confirms your reservation. Additionally, in consideration for legal admittance to the camp, signing of our Waiver Forms is required, and encouraged to be done in advance. Large groups usually handle this at pre-registration before the event, or arrival registration at the event.

Q: Can I stop by for a tour? To maintain privacy for our groups we ask that you call in advance of a visit to be sure that we are able to show you the entire lodge. Best times for tours are on weekdays, late April, early May, and late October. However, whenever it is you'd like to come visit, we'll do what we can to work around our booking schedule to accommodate your needs. Just give us a call: 269-463-6315. If you arrive without notice check into the office, if the office is closed stay by the office and call the cell phone number provided on the blue office door (Ranch Lodge #6).

Q: When do you close and open for the season?

  • Summer season: For most of the camp, we are generally open roughly from mid-April through early November. This varies year to year depending on advance bookings.
  • Winter season: The Casa de Luz and Plant House are open year round, even in winter (weather permitting for snow plowing; blizzards may force cancellations with full refund).

Q: What is your maximum capacity for large groups? This varies from year to year, but generally we say around 60-100, depending on your group's flexibility. We can provide bunk beds if needed, and we sometimes offer staff housing for guests when needed. Tent camping is always welcome with large groups, and there are showers in Chadwicke Hall for outdoor campers' use. We also have additional buildings not listed on the website that we sometimes use for overflow lodging.

Q: How far in advance do we need to book? Advance booking is dependent on three things:

  1. How many people do you have in your retreat? Large groups -- 60+ people or 30+; and especially groups on the meal plan -- are given higher priority for bookings. Small groups (<30) are encouraged to book no more than 4 months in advance for July or August bookings. While this limits availability for small groups and individuals, ask us about discounts, especially for summer weekday bookings and April and May bookings.
  2. What time of year will your retreat be? Our peak months are July and August, with significant bookings in June and September, less bookings in May and October, a handful of bookings in April, and occasional bookings into November. Peak months require up to a year advance booking (large groups), whereas off peak months (i.e. April) can often be booked the week before.
  3. Do you have a specific date and are you a returning group? Large groups that need a specific weekend will want to book at least a year in advance. Note that preference is still given to returning groups who have had minimal cancellations or lapses without booking of more than a year.

Q: What is your reservation and deposit policy? Deposit is equal to half your lodging costs or $1000, whichever is lower ($1000 for meal plans). Your reservation is confirmed when we receive your Deposit, the signed Contract, and the signed, initialed, and completed User Agreement. Reservations cannot be confirmed otherwise. If you are uncertain or having difficulty with funds, we will keep you in mind and contact you when other groups ask for those specific dates. When two equal size groups are looking at the same weekend, preference is given to the first group to pay the Deposit (and complete the forms mentioned above).

Q: What is your cancellation policy?  100% refund of the Deposit is guaranteed up to 90 DAYS before the first date of your stay. After that the Deposit is forfeit in full. Because this is a generous cancellation policy, we ask groups to keep us informed in the months prior to the 90 DAY deadline if they feel they may have to cancel for any reason. For EXCLUSEIVE USE GROUPS 100% refund of the Deposit is guaranteed up to 90 DAYS before the first date of your stay. After that the Deposit is forfeit in full. We encourage groups to set their own registration, deposit, and payment deadlines for their participants to insure that they can have accurate numbers 8 weeks before their event. This also streamlines the rental process for everyone involved: participants, staff, leaders, facilitators, and Ronora staff.

Q: What is your policy on alcohol, smoking, and legal substances?

  • Legal Substances: Any substances on the property must be fully in accordance with local, township, county, state, and federal laws and ordinances. If we find any illegal substance, evidence of a substance, evidence of illegal use of a substance (i.e. underage) or otherwise, we may contact the authorities as appropriate.
  • Smoking is not allowed indoors in any of the buildings, including screened in porches and other structures with a permanent roof. Smokers must leave no trace, and there are butt cans outside the lodges. If the activity is religious in nature, please make arrangements in advance so we can insure safety precautions are taken.
  • Alcohol: We are a no alcohol facility. Weddings and other exceptions, contact us directly. We do not have a liquor license, and alcohol is 100% prohibited from the trails, waterfront, lake, stairs to the lake, and most other outdoor areas. At times, we support recovery groups and alcohol free groups, which require a 100% alcohol free camp. Additionally, almost all of our staff and owners do not drink.

Amenities Questions

Q: Are linens provided? All beds have comforters and pillows, but guests are encouraged to bring their own pillowcase, top sheet, bottom sheet, bath towel, and washcloth. For a nominal one-time rental fee, these items can be provided in a bundle for your use. 1 week notice required for linen bundle rentals.

Q: Is firewood provided? Firewood for all indoor fireplaces is provided free of charge. All outdoor wood costs $25 per wheelbarrow load, and an additional $25 if you would like a fire pre-built for easy lighting. 1 week notice required for bonfires or additional firewood. Due to the invasive and devastating Emerald Ash Borer, it is illegal to bring in firewood across state lines (external link, opens new window), and we advise against bringing wood from more than 80 miles away. More importantly, do not take any wood back home across state lines (external link, opens new window).

Q: Do you allow primitive tent camping? Primitive tent camping is allowed for as many people as you rent lodges for. So if you rent Plant House, which can hold 4 people, you can up to 4 people tent camping. Our primary focus for rentals are the cabins. Exceptions for groups above lodging capacity (60-100+). If you are looking for individual or small group primitive tent camping with no cabin rental, we are happy to refer you to our friends a half mile down the road at Paw Paw River Campground (external link, opens new window).

Q: Do you allow RV camping and other camper vehicles? We make no guarantee of any facilities on site and are happy to refer you to our friends a half mile down the road at Paw Paw River Campground (external link, opens new window). Camper vehicles are welcome provided we can find enough space for them to park on the property, and provided the group coming with them has rented the majority of or the entire camp for your stay (most common for destination weddings, etc.).

Q: Do you have horseback riding? Can I interact with the horses? Equine interaction we offer includes:

  • Equine Interaction Program. The Redtail Equine Center offers equine interaction programs at per person pricing for sessions lasting around 1-3 hours, depending on the needs of your group and the focus of your retreat. These sessions must be scheduled well in advance of your stay and depends on the availability of a facilitator. For more information about the Equine Interaction Program, check out the Redtail Equine Center website.
  • Individual interaction. Guests may come down to the horses when they are out in the pastures and visit the horses. You may pick plain grass and feed the horses. Warnings: Do not enter the horse pastures. Beware of electric fences. Feed only with open palms to avoid hand injury. Approach horses gently and calmly. Excessively loud sounds or fast movements may startle them and result in injury of the horse or person. As posted, we are not responsible for any injury or result from the inherent risk of equine activities. If you have any further questions, you can ask our equine caretaker Julie, who feeds the horses in late morning and late afternoon, or talk with our staff on the property.

Meal Plans Questions

Q: Do you make meals for small groups or individuals? Due to the expense of food and other costs involved, we do not provide meals for small groups or individuals. 

Q: Are there exceptions for the meal plan minimum of 30 people and 2 nights (6 meals)? We make exceptions for groups of more than 60 people if they wish to rent for just 1 night (3 meals or more). For groups of less than 30 people who still wish to have the meal plan, we can offer significant pricing increases, but they are usually not economical. Groups staying for 4 nights or more on the meal plan may be offered discounts as well.

Q: What if we only want 4 or 5 meals for the meal plan? Depending on group size, length of stay, and pricing flexibility, we will work with you. Generally the cheapest deal is to stick with meal plans with a number of meals in multiples of 3.

Q: Do we have to pay for our staff/facilitators on the meal plan? Yes. The meal plan pricing is priced for everyone who will be eating from your group, including staff and facilitators. They count toward the 30 person minimum, and they are factored into the pricing at the same price as participants.

Q: Can we make some of the meals and Ronora staff makes the rest? Yes, so long as Ronora staff is asked to prepare a minimum of 6 meals that are all consecutive (i.e. dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch, etc.).

For large groups we recommend: Lodging, meeting room and three meals a day up to $111 per person per night for groups of 30 or more that stay for at least 2 nights.

Please see our RATES page for more details.



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